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Cold Air Intake for Good Performance

Does your car manufacturer go all the way in giving you a high performance car? Well not quite. And the reason is simple. Not everyone wants a car purely for its performance. But if you do like to take a stock car’s performance higher you can do that with select car aftermarket products. For example you can install a cold air intake.

Cold air intakes are products that as their name suggests carry cold air to the engine. An engine has a fixed amount of volume to carry out the combustion of the fuel. The more is the oxygen in that volume the better will be the combustion of the fuel. Now cold air contains more oxygen for the same volume than hot air. That is because cold air is more dense. Therefore the combustion is better when the engine gets cold air than when it gets hot air. Why would the engine get hot air? Well in a stock car the air travels in the volume under the hood where it gets hot on its way to the engine. With a cold air intake the air goes directly to the engine and does not get hot on the way.

A cold air intake therefore improves the fuel efficiency of your car in an elegant manner since the combustion of the fuel is more complete. It also increases the power since more fuel is burnt in every cycle.

A cold air intake also gives the distinctive deep roaring sound to the car. This sound too is very popular amongst car enthusiasts. Cold air intakes are not expensive and they are a great way to give your car a personal touch and to improve its performance. Since the air intake is usually visible it also gives your car a hot performance car look.