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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Finding Used Cars

People sell their cars for low prices when they get bored using the same car every now and then. You should be looking for such cars. The cars that you get because of the above mentioned reason would be working fine. Still, you should be asking the owner whether it is with any problems. The amount you pay for the car should be less than the actual price of the car. You should be searching for scratches, hints etc on the body of the car – and if there are any you could ask the seller to discount an amount from the pricing of the car.

Not all used cars would be working fine. You must be finding out the history of the used cars to get a better idea about the car. This way you will be able to find out lots of things regarding the car that you are going to buy. There are lots of websites online that help us to buy used cheap cars. These websites also provide much information regarding the history of these cars as well. If you are not sure about buying any particular car, you should be surely having a look at the history of the car to find out the required information.

Using used cars history, you could easily find out lots of things related to the car you are going to buy. Some sites charge a good amount to facilitate this service. But it is really worth the price. This way, you are actually diminishing the risks associated with buying cheap used cars. After having a look at the history you’ll be getting a better idea regarding the price of the car as well.


Car’s Oxygen Sensors

What is the oxygen sensor? It is a small sensor. This is found inserted into the Suzuki vehicles, or any vehicles for that matter, exhaust system. This is usually found in vehicles which have petrol engines. What this part does is it measures the concentration of oxygen that is found in the exhaust gas. By doing such, it actually allows the vehicle’s electronic control unit, or much known as ECU, to control the efficiency of the combustion process in the engine.

According to manufacturers of oxygen sensors, this part of the vehicle is one of the key components of the total performance of a vehicle. These parts may be small, just around the size of a clothes pin, but they do a great deal by monitoring the engine exhaust of your vehicle. And the engine exhaust is one of the most common causes of air pollution if not monitored well.

By continually determining the amount of oxygen in the exhaust, it also monitors the exhaust gases. The engine computer is then alerted to adjust the air and fuel ratio so much so that the gasoline combustion is complete. In the same process, the harmful emissions are lessened. Also, the engine performance and efficiency is improved.

According to Church Ruth, the general product manager of Bosch which is one of the manufacturers of oxygen sensors, “Studies shows that two thirds of all vehicle emissions test failures are a result of worn out oxygen sensors. Those numbers are staggering when you consider that oxygen sensors are easy enough to replace and that the vast majority of them are also inexpensive, costing roughly $20 to $50.”

The common signs and symptoms that your vehicle needs an oxygen sensor replacement? Well, you will notice that your Suzuki has excessive fuel consumption. It also gives off high emissions of gas. The engine surges or hesitates. Also, there is a premature failure of the catalytic converter. What you should do is try to look at the oxygen sensor itself. If you notice that there is a shiny deposit on the heat shield or any kind of gummy or gooey deposit, it simply means that you should replace your oxygen sensor already.

High maintenance costs can be actually avoided by purchasing top of the line body parts from auto parts sources like Auto Parts Discount. They actually have been in the industry for years and it has certainly proven client patronage. Assistance is also available for customers who are in the dark regarding their oxygen sensor purchases, Suzuki parts purchases, or any other products that they have in store.


Guide to Add Freon to Car AC

At first, we should be increasing the compression ratio of the engine. The fuel that we use in our vehicle should be with higher octane levels. For that you may use an octane booster. Using octane boosters, we can easily increase the compression ratio of the fuel that we use in our vehicle. After doing these things, the horsepower of the vehicle will be automatically increased. Before determining the octane level of the fuel, you should be having a look at the compression ratio of the engine of your vehicle.

If the air conditioning unit of your car stops performing a sudden, you should be trying your luck with Freon. Well, a good percentage of such cases get solved using Freon. Before thinking of using Freon on the air conditioning unit, make sure you are with the required things like gloves, eye protection materials etc. Well, Freon should not be used in cars that are manufactured before 1993. Freon should only be used on the longer recharging hoses. You’ll be finding shorter recharging hoses as well. Tackling the air conditioning unit is not at all an easy thing. For the same reason, you should not attempt it yourselves, if you are a newbie.

In short, if you are thinking of increasing the compression ratio of your car, you should be trying your luck using octane boosters. Well, there are lots of benefits of using octane boosters – many of them have already been mentioned above. On the other hand, Freon is something that you should be using if you encounter some problems with the air conditioning unit of your car.